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Google Maps Car Hits a Deer, Phones: Hitachi H001, Samsung Propel Pro, Next iPhone?

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"The Google Maps car took out a baby deer, and it recorded the entire process for all Google Maps users to see." This wasn't intentional. The deer just happened to run out in front of the car and, sadly, the Google Maps car took it out. You can click on the picture if you want to see a larger view of the image.

The Hitachi Wooo H001. This phone will have dual-flip capabilities. Its most interesting feature is that it will have "3D-ified versions of various UI elements and mobile TV content." If you do start to get a little bit dizzy from the 3D-ness, you can just flip the switch, so that it will be back to your normal 2D-mode. This phone is part of the KDDI lineup, which also includes 8.1MP camera-phones, wide VGA displays and one-seg TV tuners. This phone will be launching in April in 3 colours. It's also going to be released only in Japan. Japan seems to get all the good products, even including the Sony PSP's 'carnival colours.' They should release some of that goodness to this side of the world.

This phone you see on the left may be spy shots of the new Propel Pro from Samsung. This phone is said to use the awful Windows Mobile 6.1 OS and it is expected to have 3G capabilities. The camera's quality is unknown, but will most likely be more than 1.3MP, which was what its predecessor had. The screen, to me, looks tiny. WinMo 6.5 is on its way, so this phone shouldn't create too much buzz.

There are now rumours of a new Apple iPhone in the making. Recent firmware coding hinted this to us by making a reference to an "iPhone 2,1" model. Right now, there is no iPhone 2,1 model. "The iPhone 3G is identified by the tag 'iPhone 1,2', while the original is dubbed 'iPhone 1,1'. The numbers don't change at all for storage bumps, so a new number means a significantly updated device." That is some big news for Apple iPhone fans. It probably won't be the iPhone Pro or the iPhone Nano. So, i'm excited to see what Apple can come up with to improve on their current iPhone 3G.

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