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First Warhammer Expansion On Its Way, THQ in Trouble, Asus VK266H LCD Monitor, Playstation 4 Leaked

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The creators of Warhammer, Mythic, have announced their first expansion. Warhammer is currently competing with World of Warcraft in the MMO world. If you happen to play Warhammer over World of Wacraft, this is good news for you. The new expansion will be named "Call to Arms." Call to Arms "will feature two new classes - the Orc Choppa and the Dwarf Slayer - and a new dungeon called 'the Land of the Dead.'" It looks like the expansion will not be sold in retail stores because it will be available for download in March. Take that World of Warcraft, which makes you pay for every new expansion. I would still choose World of Warcraft over Warhammer any day, if i had the money.

THQ looks like it will be shutting down soon. THQ has been in a lot of trouble recently. It started out with the shutting down of 5 studios a couple of months ago. It's kind of sad to see where their WWE Smackdown vs Raw franchise will go because i actually enjoyed playing that game. On Sunday, i was actually playing Smackdown vs Raw with my cousins, since they came over. I used to play Smackdown vs Raw and i created many characters using their 'Create-A-Wrestler' option. I had around an 80:20 win-loss ratio online, so i guess i was alright. Those were the good old days.

This Asus LCD monitor that you see on the left side is what i will be talking about in this paragraph. The VK266H has a 20,000:1 contrast ratio and has a 2ms response time. This LCD monitor was just released in India. This 25.5-inch 1080p HD LCD monitor also has Asus's SPLENDID technology. "The SPLENDID technology uses a color engine for video content property analysis and then automatically optimizes image quality in any usage scenario." It sounds good to me. This monitor is very impressive, spec-wise. It also has HDMI input, a 170 degree viewing angle, stereo speakers and even a 2.0MP webcam. It has an amazing design and if you can get your hands on this, i suggest that you go for it.

The good old Sony Playstation. Apparently, the plans of the next Playstation were leaked. The Playstation 4 will use the same CELL technology that the current PS3 is using. It will be about twice as powerful as the PS3 and their goal by 2011 is to have a completely silent CELL. The Playstation 4's production costs are said to be cheaper because of the small 45nm chip that they are going to be using. The article is really hard to understand because it was translated from Japanese. But, if you want to read it, you can click on the link below.

Warhammer's First Expansion (and picture): http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3172524
THQ in Trouble (and picture): http://ps3.qj.net/Rumor-RIP-THQ-/pg/49/aid/128502
Asus VK266H LCD Monitor (and picture): http://www.techtree.com/India/News/Asus_Intros_VK266H_LCD_Monitor_in_India/551-98327-581.html
Playstation 4 Leaked: http://gamingfront.net/story-156-.html

//Reeechard said...
January 30, 2009 at 4:09 PM  

"This Asus LCD monitor that you see on the left side is what i will be talking about in this paragraph"


Unknown said...
January 30, 2009 at 4:14 PM  

ROFL, yeah, i figured that would be a terrible way to start off the paragraph, but i couldn't come up with anything better at the time

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