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Panasonic's 'Eco' Light, Windows 7 RC1, Google's New Tab Feature in Firefox, 32GB RAM Sticks

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This blog post's paragraphs will progressively get better the farther you go down the list. So, let's start it off with Panasonic, which takes the 4th place spot on this post. This is an expensive fluorescent light that is eco friendly because it only shines as bright as it needs to. It responds to any ambient light to adjust its own brightness to save electricity. This light, developed by Panasonic, is called the Auto-Eco Light-Control Twin Pa. I don't know why you'd have to give this light such a long name, but Panasonic did anyway. The 'Twin Pa' will come in 2 versions, a 74W and a 89W, which cost $360 USD and $390 USD, respectively.

Number 3 on this list is that there will be no Beta 2 for Windows 7. Instead, from Beta 1, it will go straight to RC1. This is good news because this shows that Windows 7 is almost ready, since the RC1 version would mean that the coding for the OS is mainly finished and just needs to be polished. Hopefully, the public will also be able to test the RC1, which i believe will happen.

Usually, Google would take the first place spot, but today, it won't be them. Second place on today's post is using Google Chrome's new tab feature in Mozilla Firefox. This is done by using the Google Toolbar Beta 2 for Firefox. "Everytime you open a new tab you'll get a thumbnail view of your favorite sites, recent bookmarks, and recently closed tabs - just like you get in Google Chrome." This didn't take the first spot on today's news because i already use Google Chrome, so this is not of [major] use to me. I barely use Firefox anymore, thanks to Chrome. Unfortunately, i read earlier today that Google Chrome is still hovering around the 1% market share value. So this means that Google has to release their extensions and stuff now, seeing how they've only updated Google Chrome once [or twice], ever since it was taken out of beta. I also read a rumour that mentioned that we will see more features in Google Chrome over the next month or two, which should be true.

For the first place spot, i congratulate Samsung with their recent breakthrough. "Basically, 32GB DDR3 consumer RAM sticks are now possible." Each of those 8 small black rectangles, called RAM modules are now 4GB chips. Amazing (I should use a thesaurus). Although, Samsung's 16GB RAM sticks are slow to come to consumers, at least we all know that if we ever need the technology, it's right here. These RAM sticks are expensive, so don't expect to see everyone rocking 32GB RAM sticks in their computers in the upcoming months. But, don't take my word for it, since the expansion of computer hardware is really accelerating. Processors now need to step their game up to support these bad boys.

Panasonic's 'Eco' Light (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5142671/lazy-eco-panasonic-lighting-glows-only-as-brightly-as-it-needs-to
Windows 7 RC1: http://techfragments.com/news/345/Software/Microsoft_Windows_7_RC1_Is_Next_-_No_Beta_2.html
Google's New Tab Feature in Firefox (and picture): http://mashable.com/2009/01/30/google-firefox-3-toolbar/
Samsung's 32GB RAM Sticks (and picture): http://i.gizmodo.com/5142623/samsung-memory-breakthrough-will-give-us-32gb-ram-sticks


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