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Mystery Tablet Spotted With Tegra, Special Thanks To Nvidia's CEO -- ICD Tablet With Windows CE

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Nvidia's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, has just been spotted in Dubai in the above photo. Obviously, the most interesting part about the whole picture is not him, but what the tablet on the desk is. It looks pretty Apple-like, with its clean design and one button - like the iPod Touch and the iPhone. They do mention that this is a "3G capable touchpad" and it could also be sporting Nvidia's own Tegra chip. Could this be our first look of an Apple iTablet prototype?

Update: According to the latest Engadget post, it looks like this isn't the Apple iTablet prototype. Nvidia has just confirmed that "it's a Tegra prototype from an ODM called ICD that's being "actively" shopped to carriers around the world." The rumoured specs are said to be Windows CE pre-installed with a resistive touchscreen. Later models are rumoured to be built with Android and a capacitive touchscreen. This tablet is also rumoured to be launching in March 2010 and the carrier in the US could be T-Mobile. Take it with that teensy grain of salt.



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