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7-Inch Amazon Kindle Is Very Real, Could Launch Soon For $250

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Tech Crunch's own MG Siegler has reported that he has played with the upcoming Android-based Kindle even though he wasn't able to take any photos of it. If you believe him, he says a bunch of things about the upcoming tablet turned e-book reader. He says it looks a whole lot like the BlackBerry Playbook, that it'll simply be called the Amazon Kindle, and the company has transformed the Android (2.2) OS completely into their own simple UI. The tablet is said to be a 7-inch model which could hit the market in October / November for $250 which is half the price of the entry-level iPad 2 and cheaper than almost every other tablet out there right now.

Of course, the tablet is sporting a backlit display so the battery life is up in the air and it'll effect your eyes a lot more than an e-ink display would. The CPU is unknown right now but it could be a single-core CPU to keep the cost down and because you'll mostly be reading on it anyway. He also mentioned that the 10-inch model is expected in Q1 2012 but only if this 7-inch model is a success. They're betting it all on this one.

UpdateTech Crunch has shopped a photo of what the next Kindle will look like and it's above.

[Tech Crunch]


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