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Nvidia Tegra-Equipped Phone Expected to Hit AT&T / T-Mobile In Q4 This Year

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According to Nvidia's GM of mobile, Mike Rayfield, we will see "one of the big five manufacturers" launch a phone with the Nvidia Tegra chipset by the end of the year. According to another source, this phone is expected to launch on AT&T / T-Mobile in Q4 for around $199 on a 2-year contract. If you don't remember, the Nvidia Tegra is expected to be a big deal. It's expected to push out "ridiculous computing power" on a small chipset that's expected to only suck around 1 watt of power. And the best part is - it will still be cheap to manufacture. So, a cheap chipset that will run HD videos and games? Count me in, I'm definitely excited for this. I hope by "big five" they don't mean LG, that could be a disappointment. Oh yeah, the OS is still unknown - I hope it's Android.

[Mobile Crunch]


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