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T-Mobile's Project Emerald To Be Two Android HSPA+ Smartphones, the Desire HD / myTouch HD and the HTC Vision / G1 Blaze?

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There's a new rumour going around that T-Mobile's Project Emerald will be the launch of two Android-based 3G+ (HSPA+) smartphones. This would be pretty amazing. Apparently, the handset above that's being called the HTC Desire HD thus far will be hitting the carrier as the myTouch HD. The other handset is below and it's the HTC Vision which could actually hit the carrier as the G1 Blaze. Apparently, one of them will be launching on September 22nd while the other one will be seven days later, on the 29th. This is said to be a "secret launch". If that's true then the secret is now out.

Update: Phandroid's source has mentioned that the HTC Vision / G1 Blaze looks a little bit different than the one below but it's confirmed to feature a front-facimg and camera and an optical trackpad.

Update: According to Electronista and the latest rumour going around the HTC Vision may actually hit T-Mobile as the G2. This smartphone will be a "Google experience" phone - remember those? It's just a rumour so believe whichever one you want to.

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