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Leaked Verizon Roadmap For the Rest Of the Year Shows Android Barrage and High-End HTC Merge

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Phone Arena just got a big exclusive regarding some upcoming Verizon devices - and yes, there are a lot of them. Some of the information may seem repetitive but that's just how these things work out. Sometime in September, you can expect the carrier to release a world-capable Motorola DROID 2 so you might want to wait to order yours if you're thinking about getting one right now. Also coming up in the same month will be the Motorola Citrus WX445 (below), which will be one of Verizon's more affordable Android phones. There's also word of the LG Octane VN530VN270, the Pantech Crux, and the ZTE Salute (which is actually available right now through WireFly). Either the VN530 or the VN270 will be the replacement for the current LG Cosmos (probably the VN270 though, since the Cosmos has the model number VN230). Verizon also seems to be gearing up two small notebooks, the Dell Vostro V13 and the HP Pavilion DM1-2010. There's more below...

In October, you can expect the carrier to release the BlackBerry Storm 3 (9570) along with a CDMA version of the Curve 3G (9300), the Curve 9330, which should also pack 3G connectivity. Unfortunately, Phone Arena's sources mention that the Storm 3 may feature the SurePress touchscreen display (also on the Storm and the Storm 2), but thankfully it'll have OS 6.0 with the WebKit browser. In the same month, you can also expect the Samsung Fascinate which will be the carrier's Galaxy S variant. They also reportedly have four more Android phones ready this month, which will be the Samsung Continuum I400 (mid-end specs), the Samsung Gem I100 (mid-end with slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the Motorola XT610 (same size as the DROID X with lower-powered specs), and the Motorola A957 which is being touted as the Motorola DROID Pro. There's also word of the Palm Pre 2 and the Casio Ravine which will be a PTT-capable rugged handset. And yes, there's more below...

In November you can expect the enTourage eDGe, which is a dual-screen e-book reader / Android tablet, and an enTourage Pocket device, whatever that is. Another Android-based handset is said to be available in November and it will be the HTC Merge which will reportedly pack a 10MP camera and very high-end specs (a processor faster than 1GHz). You can also expect the Motorola Z600 (possibly named Stingray) and the Samsung I800 tablets in the same month. The I800 tablet from Samsung should be similar to, but larger than, the Galaxy Tab which reportedly has a 7-inch display. You can expect Verizon to launch 4G LTE cards as well, the PCD 290 and the LG 600.


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