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Verizon To Release an HTC-Built Tablet Running Chrome OS On November 26th?

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Some new and juicy rumour has been making the rounds this morning. It involves Verizon, Google, and tablets. If you pieced together (or you just read the title) a Chrome OS tablet in the future then you're bang on. The rumour states that Verizon will be releasing a Google Chrome OS tablet on November 26th, which is Black Friday in the USA, and it'll be available solely online on the carrier's website. The tablet is said to be built by HTC (but will be Google-branded) and supposed specs are as follows: a 1,280 x 720 multitouch display, 2GB of RAM, a 32GB SDD, WiFi / Bluetooth / GPS / 3G support, and an integrated webcam. This could be something to look forward to if it's anything like the tablet concept Google showed off above.

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