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Verizon Holiday Handset Releases Already Leaked? -- Still Unconfirmed

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According to the latest unconfirmed news, this leak just spilled all of Verizon's devices for this year's holiday season. Gizmodo has all of the facts below. Colour me excited - even though I don't live in the US. It'll be good to see the Droid / Tao / Sholes, the Storm 2, the HTC Imagio, the Omnia II, and the Hero / Desire before the holidays.

• RIM Curve 2, before Black Friday
• RIM Storm 2, before Black Friday
HTC Imagio, on October 20
Samsung Saga 2, early November
Samsung Omnia 2, early November
• Pantech TXT8030 Razzle, early October
• Casio C731 Rock, mid-November
• Casio C741 Brigade, late October
• Motorola V860 Barrage, "soon" (it's already available online in Verizon)
LG VX8575 Chocolate Touch, first or second week of November
On the Android front:
HTC Desire, which will be available before Black Friday. Note: This may be the Verizon Android phone sighted today, though Boy Genius says that might be called the Hero.
• Motorola Tao or Droid (possibly the phone currently codenamed Sholes?) will also be available before Black Friday.


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