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HTC HD2 Now Official! Has WinMo 6.5, Sense UI and Digital Compass; Available For Pre-Orders In UK, Coming To USA In Q1 2010

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HTC made the HD2 / Leo officially official today. To make things a bit better, Clove UK already have the handset up for quite expensive pre-orders. You can check out the listing on Clove UK here for £475 ($757 USD) and £546.25 pounds ($870 USD) including VAT. To make things a bit worse, this handset will not be coming to the USA, so it probably won't be headed to Canada either. Engadget Mobile already has their review up for this handset, so check it out here. To answer your questions, yes, this handset has a digital compass. Yes, this handset will be running on WinMo 6.5. Yes, this handset will have HTC's Sense UI - found on the HTC Hero. Enjoy the video below.

Update: So much for it not coming to the US. According to Engadget, they've just got the word that the HD2 will be coming to the US of A in Q1 2010. By then, the XPERIA X3 will be available and I'm hoping on that wagon. Sorry.

Update: In case you're interested, Expansys also has this available on pre-order for £478.25 ($762 USD) and £549.99 ($876 USD) including VAT. Check out the listing here.

Update on October 19th: It looks like Clove UK has just slashed the price of their HTC HD2 listing. It's now available on their website here for £504.85 ($827 USD).

HTC HD2 Not Coming to US: Gizmodo
Up For Pre-Orders On Clove UK: WMPowerUSer
HTC HD2 Review and Video: Engadget Mobile


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