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Rogers Selling the HTC Dream and Magic For $549 Off-Contract

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Over a week ago, we heard that in Canada, Rogers will be the carrier for both the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic. These are 2 Android devices, and Rogers happened to leave out the pricing details in their earlier announcement. Today, the pricing has been leaked to be $549.99 for both devices off-contract. The Magic and Dream could also cost $149.99 with a 3-year contract, but those are just guesses. The $549 price seems to be valid though, as you can see in the 2 pictures (above and below the excerpt). About the plans, I'll leave that up to Boy Genius, take a look below.

In other Rogers news, we’re hearing Rogers is toying with the idea of a few plans that include nation-wide calling, although at this point it looks like there is only one plan on the table — 350 minutes, nation-wide evenings and weekends and 1,000 texts for $45. It’s nothing overly impressive and isn’t exactly going to offer much value to anyone (especially those in the eastern time zone) but it’s a start. Slightly more noteworthy however, Rogers is apparently planning to bring back the 6GB/$30 data promotion it introduced alongside the launch of the iPhone 3G last Summer. This will not only help move a lot of third-generation iPhones, but it will also help with every other smartphone including the Dream and Magic.

[Boy Genius]


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