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HTC Touch Pro 2 Makes Its Way Past The FCC; Also Set For a Mid-June Sprint Release Date

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Yes, that's right, the HTC Touch Pro 2 has just been approved by the FCC. The Touch Pro 2 will supposedly feature global roaming with its CDMA / GSM capabilities. In the picture, there are two different "Rhodium" (codename for the Touch Pro 2) devices that passed through the FCC, the RHOD400 and the RHOD500. As Engadget points out, this could be two different devices for both Sprint and Verizon.

According to a tipster over at SprintUsers, the HTC Touch Pro 2 will be available on Sprint in mid-June. This could mean that Sprint will be getting the Touch Pro 2 first in America, since T-Mobile looks like they will release this device on July 22. We'll see what happens in the near future because we could always see delays.

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