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Palm Pre For $849 On Best Buy's Website; Only 4 Pres At Each Best Buy On Launch Day

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The Palm Pre has been spotted on Best Buy's official website. We already heard news that Best Buy will launch the Pre for a solid $199 with a 2-year contract, but how about those who want the Pre for full retail? Well, according to Best Buy's website, the Pre on launch day will cost you $849 USD. Yes, this is a lot, but maybe the next paragraph will explain why. Looks like Sprint could be the go-to option for your full retail Palm Pre launching at just $549 USD.

Word has spread that there will be only 4,250 Palm Pres available on launch day for 1,000 Best Buy stores across America. If you do some simple math, this comes out to about 4 Palm Pres for each Best Buy location. We all heard about the Pre shortages at launch, but this is just taking it too another level. Radio Shack will also suffer the same shortages. Apparently, across the 721 Radio Shack stores, there could be only 2 Pres at each location.

This clearly shows that Palm is just releasing the device on June 6 because they want to sell it before Apple announces the next iPhone at WWDC. With shortages like these, any other company would've waited. Clearly, this is a desperate time for Palm.

[Boy Genius ($849), Boy Genius (Shortage)]


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