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Nexus TDD-9000 Cooling Pad Doesn't Use Electricity

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Amazingly enough, what you see here is a laptop cooling pad. The Nexus TDD-9000 is a liquid-cooling pad, even though it may not look like one. The "velvety cloth" is filled with a gel-like substance that cools your laptop without the use of plugs and electricity. Talk about going green.

According to Nexus, resting your laptop on one of these pads will keep it 14-17 degrees cooler than normal. To "re-energize" the pad all you have to do is shake it every 20 minutes, which would get quite irritating, but I think it's definitely worth it. This cooling pad from Nexus costs just £23 ($36 USD), so it could be worth a try. I'd definitely get it for my terrible laptop that is always burning my legs and wrists.



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