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Motorola Backflip Now Official; Android 2.1 and Flash 10.1 Update In the Future

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At this point we already know that the Motorola Backflip is headed to AT&T in Q1 of this year as one of their first Android phones. Well, Motorola has finally made the handset official. This handset will feature everything we already know: MOTOBLUR on top of Android 2.1, a 5MP camera, WiFi / 3G support, an awkward hinge, and there's even a touchpad on the back. To make things even better, Motorola also mentioned that all of their Android handsets will get updated to Android 2.1 eventually. Flash 10.1 will also make an appearance on the DROID, which should be getting an update (not for Flash support) soon.

Anyways, check out the Backflip page here.

[Boy Genius, Engadget]


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