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Acer Aspire Notebooks Get Updated To Run On Intel Core i3 / i5 CPUs

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It looks like those Acer Aspire notebooks got a touch up. The 17-inch AS7740 has been upgraded to accompany a 2.14GHz Intel Core i3-330M CPU, 4GB of RAM, a Blu-ray drive, and Windows 7 Home Premium. It still has its traditional 17-inch display and will cost you $750 when it launches. The smaller 15.6-inch AS5740 also got updated to accomodate a 2.2GHz Intel Cire i5-430M CPU, 4GB of RAM, discrete ATI graphics, and Windows 7. Unfortunately, this one doesn't have a Blu-ray drive, but it'll still cost you just $750. Those are some pretty sweet budget notebooks.



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