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HTC's Portfolio For H1 2010 Leaked; 5 Android Handsets and 3 For WinMo

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There's been many reports of an HTC leakage. We had one happen last year, and this new leak is regarding the first half of 2010. Android handsets include: Legend (above), Salsa, Tide, Buzz, and the Bravo (below). These are expected to launch in March, June, April, May, and April, respectively. The interesting thing here is that the Bravo appears to be the HTC Dragon / Passion that everyone is excited for. Yes, this means that it won't have a 4.3-inch display - and I knew it! The HTC Legend appears to rock the HTC Hero styling, so maybe this could be the HTC Hero's successor. Surprisingly enough, the Salsa, Tide, and Buzz are not on the latest leaked HTC codenames from last week. I'm putting my bets on either that or the HTC Espresso. Don't forget to scroll down because there's some WinMo 6.5 phones as well.

For HTC's WinMo 6.5 line-up there'll be: Photon (below), Trophy, and the Tera (below). The Photon and Trophy are expected to launch in April and May, respectively, but we don't know when the Tera will be hitting the market yet. The HTC Photon appears to be a mini HD2 and the Tera has a styling which fuses the Touch Pro 2 and the Touch2 together.

I'm kind of upset at this line-up from HTC since they're sticking with 600MHz CPUs in most of these handsets. At least they're finally moving on from the 528MHz ones though. I didn't post all of the pictures, but I poster the most interesting ones. For all of the photos check out the link below.


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