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Intel Unveils Some Upcoming Minimum Specs On Their Upcoming Atom CPUs; Nvidia Talks Ion 2

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Here's some important Intel and Nvidia news for you today. For the Intel news just look below because Netbooked did a great job summarizing exactly what Intel had to say. Don't miss the part about the Nvidia Ion 2 below though!

First, nettops with an Atom dual-core 510 processor which will come with GMA 3150 integrated graphics should come with 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM and Windows 7 or Linux for the OS. This can include an optical drive. All this, Intel suggests, for $299 though customers can set a higher price if they want.
For netbooks with an Atom N450 processor, Intel suggests 512MB - 1GB DDR2 RAM, Condor Peak WLAN, 16-32GB SSD or 120GB HDD. For these specs, Intel suggests a price of $249. Max screen size of 10.2-inches and a 4-cell battery. Again Intel wants to push it’s Moblin OS but customers can choose Windows 7, Linux or Windows XP.
If these are the suggested specs for the next generation netbooks, I would have liked to see what they offered for the first generation, heh.

Nvidia has mentioned that their Ion 2 graphics will deliver 2x the power that the original Ion currently offers. The good news here is that netbooks with the Ion 2 will likely be able to switch between using the Ion or the integrated graphics to save power and battery life, so that's definitely great news. Yes, I believe MacBook Pros and some Windows notebooks can do this as well.


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