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Albatron Unveils Their 42-Inch Mutlitouch Monitor; Releases Smaller 21.5-Inch Model For $450

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Albatron has just unveiled their Windows 7-capable 42-inch Optical Touch Monitor (OTM).

Albatron's OTM uses two CMOS cameras, one located in each of the top corners of the display and the sides, whhilst the bottom of the display is outfitted with reflectors. The OTM interfaces with a computer with a standard USB interface and no special drivers are needed in Windows 7.
The cameras and reflectors are mounted on a tempered glass sheet in front of the actual LCD display. The cameras then pinpoint where your finger is located to an accuracy of about 2mm and the tech means you don't even have to touch the display to be able to move the mouse cursor.

The good news here is that it does support multi-touch and gestures, the works. Although the 42-inch display was widely shown off there's also a smaller 21.5-inch sibling which is the exact same as this display and it's now available for $450 USD. If you're really interested you can check out Engadget here for a video.


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