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Best Buy Set To Launch a Bunch of Devices This Holiday Season -- All Leaked Out

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A new Best Buy leak shows off what they have in store for us during this holiday season. The above photo is not that important to me, so you can read that for yourself; the more interesting picture is below which outlines their future devices.

  • Nokia Booklet netbook — October 25th launch, and can be activated on AT&T
  • Sprint HTC Hero — launching October 11th with a presale going on now
  • Sprint Palm Pixi — launch date TBD
  • Verizon Storm II — launch date TBD
  • Verizon Android device — launch date TBD
  • T-Mobile CLIQ — launch date TBD (but we obviously know it’s shipping after October 19th up until general release November 2nd)
  • “New BlackBerry devices across multiple carriers” — launch date TBD
  • There will be a “host of devices launch in late October and November for all carriers.” Multiple Android launches across multiple carriers and “new technology which doesn’t exist today.”

The Palm Pixi was rumoured to be launching on October 20th, but that's probably false. The Verizon Android device could be the Motorola Droid / Tao / Sholes, but I'm not certain. We now know that the T-Mobile CLIQ will be launching on November 2nd - with the pre-orders starting on October 19th. The BlackBerries could involve the Curve 8530 and the BlackBerry 9700 (Bold 2). Are you excited?

[Boy Genius]


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