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Motorola To Release 10 Android Handsets Over the Next 6-10 Months; CLIQ Promo Video

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Motorola is slowly going down the drain and to get out they're going to have to ride Google's back by utilizing their open-source Android OS. They've already announced the CLIQ / DEXT and a certain "prediction" has been made. The prediction is that Motorola will be releasing ten Android-based handsets over the next 6 to 10 months. This prediction could be fairly accurate given the lengthy time span that was stated (6 to 10 months). They have yet to officially announce the Sholes, so Motorola only has 8 more to go.

The Motorola CLIQ is set to launch on T-Mobile soon and below is a short 1 minute and 10 second video on the said handset. You can take a look at MOTOBLUR on this handset, so just check it out already!

Motorola To Release 10 Android Handsets: Slash Gear
Motorola CLIQ Promo Video: Crunch Gear


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