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HDI Shows Off 100-Inch Laser-Based 3D HDTV That Owns Everything Else

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I don't really know how to say it in my own words because Engadget said it best.

Before Mitsu can even take the logical next step, a California startup has arisen to introduce what it calls the world's first laser-based 3D HDTV. We're talking 1080p 3D like you've never seen before, with CTO Edmund Sandberg noting that this production is smoother than RealD, Dolby, film and pretty much every other 3D solution. The secret here is in the speed; this set is so fast that the image "no longer needs to flash from one eye to the other," and no flashing should equate to no headaches.

If only I was able to set my eyes on that TV. I hope that they show it off at CES 2010 again because I want to see more of this - although the price will be way out of my range.



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