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Big Verizon Leak: BlackBerry Storm 2 / Curve 2 (8530), LG Chocolate Touch, Samsung Rogue, Motorola Sholes

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Well, looky here, it's a new leak from Verizon and this one is huge. This screenshot above, tells us that the Samsung Rogue could be available sometime this month for $370 USD subsidized - Engadget says that it might not happen. The Nokia Twist 7705 - which could be the swiveling handset from a while ago - is expected to hit Verizon in late September for $230 and the Samsung Intensity should be available for $160 next month as well. The LG Chocolate Touch, BlackBerry Storm 2, HTC Razzle / Blitz 2, and the Android-based Motorola Sholes should be available in October. In late November we should be expecting the BlackBerry Curve 2, which could be the Curve 8530 - basically a CDMA version of the Curve 8520.

These dates may not be entirely accurate, but at least you have a slight clue as to when they'll be available.

[Unwired View, Engadget Mobile, CrackBerry]


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