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Sony Gives Up On FED Technology

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FEDs (Field Emission Display) were going to one day replace LCDs and Plasmas, but it doesn't look like that will happen (thanks to OLEDs). Toshiba already gave up on FED and SED technology in January 2007 and now Sony has joined them. Sony once announced that they were going to buy a Pioneer plasma factoy in Japan and rebuild it into an FED factory, but they ditched those plans. I didn't really know much about FED technology, I knew more about SED technology. On a side note, Sony should focus on pumping out those OLEDs, even though I know that's not their main focus right now since they just announced their hook up with Sharp recently. I can't wait until OLEDs become mainstream, it's amazing what it can do. The price just has to drop on them, just like every other Sony product - I'm looking at you Playstation 3.

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