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Next-Generation iPhone; Apparently The Most Probable Design

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The iPhone 4G and the iPhone Pro concepts may not be a good interpretation of what Apple is drawing up, but Gizmodo says that this iPhone concept could be the closest thing to the next iPhone model. While it does look very iPhone-esque it's clearly missing the secondary video camera on the front - for use with the new Skype client and possible iChat. It does look very nice, but I really hope that Apple decides to include a physical QWERTY keyboard. So far, it doesn't look like that could be Apple's intentions. The next iPhone will most likely have a larger and possibly even an OLED screen, but that could make it pretty expensive. I'm really curious to see what the next iPhone looks like and if I had the time to mock up my own illustration I would. The next iPhone will be even better than the iPhone 3G, I'm so excited.



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