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Skype For The iPhone Is Not Available In Canada... Or Is It?

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If you have your iPhone / iPod Touch 2G and live in the US, you should have already gotten your chance to try out the free and new Skype app. Well, us Canadians are not going to get that option. It is not going to be available for Canada. It sucks, but is it really surprising? With Hulu, Pandora, and Last.fm (unless you want to pay) all being US-only we get no love up here, just north of the border. No one knows who to blame. It could be Rogers / Fido but a company spokesperson says that the Skype app won't be available to Canadians because of a patent-license issue. But wait... there is a work-around.

According to The Apple Blog, "you can always go the backdoor route and just download and sync Skype using an American iTunes account, which is not a difficult thing to get regardless of your country of origin. That's exactly what I did, and so now my iPhone is fully Skype-capable in Canada." Although, he is having some problems, he is going to guess that it is because of a iPhone 3.0 OS bug. Canadians try it out!

[The Apple Blog]


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