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Samsung Q320 and R522 Laptops

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After announcing 2 laptops yesterday (the N310 and the N110), Samsung is back at it again. This time with the 2 laptops you see in the picture: the Q320 and R522 notebooks, left and right respectively. The Samsung Q320 notebook is "ultra light" weighing in at just 2.2kg. The laptop itself has a 13.4-inch display, an optical disk drive (clearly in the picture), and also has a six-cell battery that is long enough to last around 5 hours. The full spec sheet is not revealed for either of the 2 laptops, but the Q320 does have an Intel Centrino 2 processor, a Nvidia GeForce G105m graphics card and will run on Windows Vista Home Premium.

The Samsung R522 notebook is "designed for the way you live you life." I don't know where Samsung comes up with these quotations, but apparently it's because of its so-called "advanced battery power" that is also expected to last around 5 hours. That's decent for a laptop with: a 15.6-inch display, touchpad lighting, a "chargeable USB port so you can keep your devices up and running even when the laptop is powered down", and a keyboard that has the "latest medical technology" to get those nasty germs off. It comes with the same Intel Centrino 2 processor that the Q320 does, but that's all the specs that are mentioned so far. Both of these laptops are expected to hit Europe in April, but there was no word on a price tag.

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