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Nintendo Wii To Surpass 50 Million Worldwide This Month

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Since the Nintendo Wii is aimed at such a large fanbase and is not a next-gen console (in my books), it is on pace to sell its 50 millionth console by the end of this month. This blistering pace is much faster than the Playstation 2's. The Wii is the fastest selling console to date and will continue to be that console for a couple of years. It will sell 100 million consoles faster than the Playstation 2 did. I hate to say it, but it will. There's just too many kids and women in the world that love the Nintendo Wii (for unknown reasons). It's audience is huge and it's cheaper than the other 2 consoles (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3). The Playstation 2 is still the superior console in my books. I must admit that I am excited for the release of Punch-Out (May 18) for the Nintendo Wii.



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