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Is OnLive The Future of PC Gaming?

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First of all, what is OnLive? It was announced today and is basically a "new video games on demand service." It will apparently change the way everyone will play on the PC. This small hub is capable of turning any low-end [or high-end] computer / laptop, into an all-out PC gaming machine. We all know how much money it is to keep up with new, high-end graphics cards and in the end, it becomes a waste of money. With these economic times, we need something that will be up-to-date all the time. This is where OnLive comes in. This hub is capable of displaying PC games at high-definition (720p) at 60 fps (frames per second). "For standard definition quality, a broadband connection of at least 1.5 megabits per second is required. For HDTV resolution, a connection of at least 5mbps is needed." This will work by contacting the servers at OnLive and it will send you the video through your hub, onto your TV. They claim that there will be virtually no lag because the ping will be "less than one millisecond."

Since it claims to be "video on demand" there will be no need for install times and games will come to you virtually instantaneously. At GDC, they actually showed off OnLive on an old Dell, so this thing could be the real deal. The pricing is expected to be monthly, and they should be around the same prices of Xbox Live. I don't know how much fame OnLive will receive, but it looks like it has a lot of potential. One problem I can think of (pointed out by a friend) is a bandwidth issue. While playing WoW 24/7, won't make you go over the bandwidth limit, playing OnLive might push you over because of its 720p hi-def gaming. We'll have to see. If you want to know more, just click on the Kotaku link below, they know much more than I do.



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