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Asus G71Gx, LG Viewty II, Nokia Intrigue, Apple Netbook

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This is Asus at its "extravagant best." The king of laptops right here. The Asus G71Gx has a 17-inch screen with a 1,920 x 1,200 WUXGA resolution. It is sporting a "brand-new" graphics card which is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M with 1GB of VRAM. The laptop has room for 12GB of RAM, packs dual 500GB HDD's, has Blu-ray and even Altec Lansing speakers, just in case the specs weren't enough to blow you away. No word on the availability or the price, but i'm pretty sure it will empty out your wallet and drag your bank account along with it.

Looks like the leaks from CeBIT were correct. The specs listed here are indeed from the LG (GC900) Viewty II. This includes the 3-inch touchscreen, 8MP autofocus (Schneider-Kreuznach) camera with a xenon flash, S-class 3D UI, DivX support, aGPS, WiFi and up to 32GB of memory. The camera can also shoot at 30fps, so that's not bad for a camera phone. Price and availability are still unknown though, so that will be given on a later date.

This could be the first time i actually talk about something that the everyday person can actually afford (including me). If you're not too big on specs or stuff like that then this could be the phone for you. It's the Nokia Intrigue. This flip (clamshell) phone could very well be the best-looking clamshell phone out there (according to Boy Genius). I think the phone doesn't look too bad and i have yet to see a better looking flip phone also, so i guess i'll have to agree. The phone has a 2MP camera, a microSD slot, Bluetooth and has 2 models: one being a black to gray finish and the other has a black to pink finish. Again, there's no price or availability on this handset.

First, there were rumours of a 7-9 inch iPod Touch going to be released in Q3. The rumour has now evolved into Apple developing a new netbook for early Q3, this Summer. I could be wrong, but wouldn't this be considered a tablet instead of a netbook since this so-called device is supposedly going to be a touchscreen netbook. Either way, if this is released expect people to be flocking to the Apple stores to purchase it. This idea doesn't sound half-bad since i've been hearing lots of public criticism about Apple in desperate need to sell netbooks soon.

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