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Toshiba TG01 Android-Edition?, Samsung Fabrizio PAVV 450, Hi-Grade Notino W5800S, 22-inch Asus Eee Top

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This is a rumour and there is barely any evidence supporting this "theory." But, rumour has it that Toshiba's successor to the TG01 will run Android. Now this would be much better than running it on Windows Mobile (like the TG01), so i don't see why Toshiba wouldn't do it. In December 2008, Toshiba joined the Open Handset Alliance, so it's only a matter of time until they release an Android-based device. The specs between the TG01 and its successor appear to be identical (not hardware-wise, since those specs are still unknown), obviously supporting MMS and web browsing and all of those regular features in smartphones nowadays. I hope the TG01 successor does run Android because every other phone manufacturer is taking their sweet time to push out their Android devices. Maybe Toshiba's 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphone can lead the pack to victory.

Meet the Samsung Fabrizio PAVV 450 Series. There will be a 42 and a 50-inch model and they were just announced in Korea. Samsung says these plasmas will feature their "Crystal Engine", 600Hz technology (suck on that LG), 0.001ms response time (insane), "Mega Contrast" and will also have 3 HDMI slots. Talk about a damn, clear plasma TV. Don't count plasmas out yet. No word on price or availability. Just to crush your dreams, i doubt these will be released in the US, so forget about it coming Canada.

For a not so expensive price-point, you do get a lot of bang for your buck with this laptop. For just £699, you get a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4GB of RAM. The Notino W5800S has a 15.4-inch screen with a 1,680 x 1,050 (a bit odd) resolution, but it's not very mobile with just 2-hours of battery life in the tank.  It has a decent graphics card, being a NVIDIA 9300M GS and weighs about 2.7kg. Unfortunately, it doesn't have Bluetooth, but it does boast a 250GB HDD, an integrated webcam, a 3-in-1 Card reader and runs on Windows Vista Home Premium (which also sucks). It may not be the best thing out there, but it'll do the job.

See! I told you, if you were patient enough, the 22-inch model would soon pop up. It did. Later on at CeBIT, that is. I talked a bit about the 15.6-inch model before and now it's time to talk about the 22-inch model. Oh wait, i actually can't since Asus kept their mouth shut about the model. Keep in mind that Asus announced a 20 and a 22-inch model, but chose not to reveal anything besides the fact that they both had HDMI slots and both had a Blu-ray optical drive. The model numbers for the 20 and the 22-inch all-in-one PCs are the ET2003 and the ET2203, repectively.

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