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Motorola MC55, Snow Leopard On June 8?, The Power of 24 SSDs

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This is clearly a sign of Motorola falling to their doom. They are releasing these 1990-looking phones in Q2 this year (yes, 2009). The spec sheet was not revealed, but who really cares? Who the hell is going to want these Motorola? They do have one thing going for them, rugged cases!! Other than that these smartphones are pathetic. Motorola must be  trying to bring back the old school, but i think i'd rather have a Blackberry, thank you very much. These look like walkie-talkies for 4 year olds. Seriously Motorola? Is this the best you can do? Maybe they'll miraculously develop the Motorola Touch ZINE HD. I wish.

A new rumour has it that the next update to the Mac OS X will be available on June 8. The new update, dubbed Snow Leopard will include a new QuickTime, the new Safari 4 Beta and will be a "push" for 64-bit. I don't really care for the Mac OS, but i thought that maybe some of you do, so i guess it'd be good to talk about it. It is said to be a "solid" update though, so be on the lookout for it.

Some Samsung techies linked 24 SSDs together to make the SSDs even faster than normal. During the video (below) they mentioned that they achieved a speed greater than 2GB/second, but clearly it was under 2GB/second (being 2014MB/s on the screen and 2048 MB = 2GB, duh!). But, i mean it was close enough and it was mighty fast. I still give them major props. They tested out exactly how fast the SSDs were and it was able to do a number of things: open all of Microsoft Office in 0.5 seconds, open 53 programs from the Start Menu in 18 seconds, complete a system defrag in 3 seconds, burn / rip a CD (700MB) in 0.8 seconds, etc. Anyways, you can view the video below, via Youtube from Gizmodo.

Motorola MC55 (and picture): http://www.boygeniusreport.com/2009/03/09/motorola-announces-mc55-handsets/
Snow Leopard On June 8? (and picture): http://lifehacker.com/5166664/snow-leopard-may-drop-june-8-include-new-finder-and-quicktime
The Power of 24 SSDs (and video): http://i.gizmodo.com/5166798/24-solid-state-drives-open-all-of-microsoft-office-in-5-seconds


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