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Epic Sign Hack, Huawei's Android Touchscreen, Samsung i8910 and Beat DJ Now Official, Orange: First To Rock LG Watch Phone, LG KS360

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This sign is epic. That's all i have to say.

Huawei has shown off a prototype non-working phone at MWC. Just one. The iPhone-esque design will be running a customized version of Android. Specially, just for this phone. The display looks quite large, maybe even larger than the 4.1-inch display on the Toshiba TG01. This phone is expected to be released in Q3 and has potential. It'll be interesting to hear more news about this Huawei phone at a later date. Probably not at MWC.

The Samsung OmniaHD / Acme i8910 and the Samsung Beat DJ are now official. The OmniaHD is "running a TouchWiz 3D-like GUI on top of S60 5th Edition." It has a nice 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, an 8MP camera and will record 720p HD video. It also has "HD video out, video calling, Wi-Fi, GSP and 8 to 16GB internal storage plus microSDHC support." Wow! The phone is also only 12.7mm thin, it's even aluminum. The Beat DJ has the DJ scratching thing, just in case you were interested in that phone over the OmniaHD.

LG's G910 Watch Phone will be hitting European soil first, specifically under Orange. The Watch Phone was officially announced at CES and will have Bluetooth, 3G, video calling and is a touchscreen. You will also be able to spy on other people with this slick gadget. So, all of you Inspector Gadget idols out there, be on the lookout for this one. I'd honestly get this, if i had the money for this and the OmniaHD. Unfortunately, i do not.

Word has it that this LG KS360 will be the first LG phone running on Google's Android OS. The KS360 has already been launched before, so they are going to relaunch it running on Android. "Marketing Manager Jeremy Newing also confirmed at Mobile World Congress that LG would be releasing two other Android phones this year, though he wouldn't divulge any model names or favorite colors for us to guess." So, there you have it, LG KS360 running Android soon and more Android phones from LG this year.


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