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LG Touchscreen Line-up, LG GD900, LG GM730

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It's only a couple of hours until MWC and LG looks like they've got a good touchscreen line-up ahead. You can see the KM900 Arena in this photo. I am pretty excited to see LG's line-up as well as Samsung's. Maybe we'll even see more Sony Ericsson's. And, of course, Nokia, specifically the Nokia N97. Update: So, MWC has already started and i chose not to talk about a lot of pointless things. This includes Windows Mobile 6.5 because i think it's quite the same, a lot of things will still go wrong with it and there was actually not that much improvement. They've confirmed MyPhone and such, but whatever. I also chose not to blog about a couple of Nokia phones because they didn't interest me.

The LG handset you see here is also in the photo above. We're looking at a touchscreen here. There are no other words on its specifications. So, i'll have that for you at a later post. This phone does look good though, i must admit. The keypad is transparent and will "softly glow" when you slide it up. "The company [LG] has also designed a dedicated Bluetooth headset to go along with its latest work of art."

This phone is also in the picture above, the one with the girls in it. This phone is also a touchscreen and it is the GM730. It will spot that new S-Class UI that the KM900 Arena also has, you know the 3D interface. We'll see just how good this phone is while it runs WinMo and having Internet Explorer Mobile 6.0 as the browser. LG needs to run Android on some of their phones before Windows Mobile puts them down the drain. As of right now, this phone looks like it won't have 3G if it comes to North America, but that may change at a later date. Oh yes, the phone is only 11.9mm thick.

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LG GD900 (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/16/lgs-gd900-previewed-features-transparent-keypad/
LG GM730 (and picture): http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/16/lg-brings-s-class-ui-to-windows-mobile-with-gm730/


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