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Logitech G18, What is Playstation Home?

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Before i talk about the Playstation Home, i'm just going to briefly talk about this new gaming keyboard, the Logitech G18. Engadget actually has no solid information on this piece of hardware, but it does look pretty sweet. As far as the backlights go, i think it would be better off with a good shade of blue, over the red, which is seen in this pic. Maybe that's just me, since it just matches with everything else in my room. I'm liking the look of the new keyboard screen though, it tilts enough so that you can see it perfect from where you should, generally, be sitting. I wonder if the keyboard pad, or whatever, on the left side of the picture, is optional or if it is a keyboard set. All-in-one maybe? We'll see.

So, since the Playstation Home is coming out tomorrow i thought i'd try to give it my own little summary, with a bit of help from some websites. So, basically, Playstation Home works sort of like 'The Sims' or 'Second Life.' You can walk around a virtual world, and everyone (including friends) who has the 3GB download, which is free off of PSN (Playstation Network), will be in contact with you. It's like WoW, without monsters. When it's fully finished, it should be a pretty big world. Right now, there's like a Red Bull island and you can enter buildings that have new Playstation trailer footage. They could be playing some new Playstation news or any upcoming game trailers, possibly even movie trailers. There are small arcades, and a bowling alley, where you can actually play bowling in. You can also play pool at the billiards hall. For now, i can't really say much. I did watch this 15-minute video about someone touring through the Playstation Home closed beta, which is only released to certain people and not the public. It had quite a bit of loading time and hopefully Sony will clean that up before the release tomorrow. In the video, the world did seem kind of empty and obviously they're going to add more features, like i just mentioned about the Red Bull Island. Don't forget it's free and when you need to take a break from Killzone 2 or LittleBigPlanet you can just hop on there and chat with your friends via headset or even typing it out. It'll be a good place to meet new virtual friends that might share an interest with you. In Playstation Home, you get your own apartment and you can decorate it however you like. You can even invite your friends over (just incase you might live too far from them in real life). Sony will use Playstation Home as a way to advertise their upcoming games via billboards and LCD screens in the virtual world. Although, you should watch your back, as Sony can block your IP address so that you won't be able to connect to the service. That's pretty much all that i know about Playstation Home, and this will probably be a topic i'll be talking about a lot in the future, especially if i get a PS3 this Christmas.
Hopefully, making this wasn't a waste of time, ergh.
Playstation Home (wikipedia picture): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_Home


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