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Playstation Home, Google Chrome, Gears of War 3, Pokemon

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Finally, i'm home, and ready to do my blog. I actually do have quite a bit of things to blog about today, hopefully it won't be too boring Anyways, gotta talk about my usual day first.
So, if you read my blog yesterday, i talked about how i was late for my test. Well, today, of course, i actually got to school at 7:57, which is the earliest i have ever got to school all year. But, anyways, i read a bit of my Google Reader in the library in the morning before class and then it hit 8:20, so i made my way to class. For first period we just copied notes and me and Sarah talked all class, as usual. For second period we started a new lesson, adding equations or something, some easy stuff. Lunch was the usual chill and for fourth we had to listen to a faily lengthy speech regarding cheaters and people having last year's tests or whatever. After our teacher finished with that, we copied a couple notes. I went to my girlfriend's place for a bit, and went home. Now, here comes the good part, the good ol' news.
Playstation Home is being open to all players Thursday, December 11 (tomorrow). Finally. I'm excited to see how everyone reacts to this. I really hope it's not being forced out uncompleted but, it is only a beta, so you can't really expect much. Hopefully for Christmas i'll get the PS3 and then i'll be able to judge for myself but, as of right now, i can only tell you what i read. It's being released worldwide, which is good. This release date is also confirmed, so the rumour that was spreading about a later release (December 16, 17) was wrong. Gotta love rumours. Actually, gotta love Sony for actually releasing it early (technically, not early, since it's been a long time coming). We'll see what people say the next couple of days about it though, i'll try to keep up to date as much as possible.

Some better news now. Unlike Gmail, Google Chrome will be coming out of beta. This was announced by company VP, Marissa Miller. There is no release date about when it will be coming out of beta, but at least it's good news to hear that it actually will come out of beta. Hopefully, this will happen sooner than later. Unfortunately, though, for you non-Windows users, it's still not available to you [hah]. I hope to see some add-ons soon, but who knows when that will be.
Like God of War 3, there is another rumour that has surfaced. Apparently, Gears of War 3 is going to be out during the holiday season in 2010. Remember that Gears 1 was released in 2006, Gears 2 was released in 2008 so if you do a little bit of math, Gears 3, of course, in 2010. LOL. The rumour also says that there will be a whopping 5-player Co-op. Interesting. The God of War 3 rumours actually sound a bit more convincing than this one.

LOL of the day, for me at least, goes to a Pokemon Platinum release date. To be honest, i LOL'd because i didn't even know they were still releasing Pokemon games still. There must be about 650 pokemon by now, right? I remember about 250 of them back in my pokemon days, but those are long gone. The release date is scheduled for March 22, 2009. I don't even know what handheld or console it's being released on, but my bet's on the Nintendo DS. So, tell your kids, Pokemon Platinum is coming out soon. I wonder if the game has even changed much. Run in the grass, you'll have to fight a wild pokemon. Go in another pokemon's trainer's field of vision and it's time for you to duel or whatever you want to call it. Then, go to the pokemon center and go heal your pokemon. I can't believe that stuff still sells, but i've heard worse things. Don't get me wrong, i loved Pokemon, but, doesn't the same thing over and over again get boring? Oh wait, i played WoW, and almost had 4 level 70's, so never mind...
I have more to talk about, don't worry, it'll just be in the next blog later today. I don't really want to cram 8 articles into one blog. Next blog is going to be about the 6-wheel car, the G13 keyboard, NBA in 3D and HTC releasing Android phones. See you then.


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