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Staples Leak Shows A Bunch of Tablets Coming This Year; 8.9-Inch Samsung, 10-Inch HTC, 7-Inch HP, and More!

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Wow, another huge Staples leak has just been spotted and it's coming from their training guide - the one below is coming from a "major retailer" as well, but it could also be Staples. If this isn't the year of the tablets then I don't know what is. The leak shows several tablets that'll be launching this year. We'll just go in order starting with the Motorola XOOM which could be launching this week (March 17th) for $649; it's looking like this one will be the WiFi-only model. Next up is RIM's BlackBerry Playbook which could be launching on March 27th for $499 (16GB), $599 (32GB), and $699 (64GB). Keep in mind that this date might have moved to April. There's also word on the 7-inch Dell Streak 7 which will be launching in late March / April as well; price for that one should be $449 as well - it's already available on T-Mobile.

Now, for the coming soon tablets we have a bunch of them running on Android "Honeycomb" which is great news. We have the 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab which should be announced next week, the Dell Streak 10, a 10-inch Acer, and a 10-inch Toshiba. It's unknown what the 10-inch Acer tablet will be but it could be the Eee Pad EP101TC, which is a complete guess. The 10-inch Toshiba has been teased by them since January but they have yet to make it official. There's also word on a 10-inch HTC Android "Honeycomb" tablet that's on the way. This one hasn't been announced yet but I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Last, but definitely not least there's word on the 10-inch HP Touchpad running on the next version of webOS along with an unannounced 7-inch model. This will likely get announced at the company's next event which is in a few weeks. Amazing stuff!
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