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Sony Ericsson "Anzu" Gets Pictured, Packs 4.3-Inch Display and Gingerbread; Launching Q1 2011

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There's a few companies out there that are back in the game thanks to Google's Android OS. One of them is Sony Ericsson and, apparently, they have a new smartphone in the pipe for Q1 2011. The smartphone (pictured above) is said to be the "Anzu" and it reportedly features a 4.3-inch display (a bit bigger than the 4.1-inch display on their X10), an HDMI output, a "very, very slim" body, and Android "Gingerbread". As you can see, it looks quite similar to the XPERIA X10 and that's not that much of a big deal. Let's really just cross our fingers and hope that the software is on point.

Update: Yes, the photo above is the "Anzu" but it's just running Eclair at this point. The rumour mill is swirling around and mentions that this new flagship device could be launching as the X12 - they really like to skip numbers. Apparently, this could also launch with Honeycomb but knowing Sony Ericsson my bet's on it shipping with Gingerbread still.

[Android Central]


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