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BlackBerry Storm 3 Codenamed Monaco, Montana To Be the Touchscreen Bold (aka 99xx "Pluto")?

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There's a couple of new rumours going around regarding some future smartphones from RIM. First off, there's said to be a BlackBerry Storm 3 which is being codenamed as the Monaco internally. Specs are still unknown right now so you'll have to wait around for that important information. All that you can take out of the rumour right now is that there will be a Storm 3 - if this rumour turns out to be true. Keep in mind that the supposed Storm 3 image that leaked in September did have a sticker of a giant "M" on it - this could be reaching a bit.

What could be the more exciting smartphone is what's being rumoured as the BlackBerry Montana. This smartphone is said to be a touchscreen Bold so you can think of this as the 99xx or the Pluto. You should definitely take these with a grain of salt because neither rumour has been confirmed at this point - not even by CrackBerry or BBLeaks.



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