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iPhone 4G / HD Photo Could Actually Be Real!

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On Saturday, Engadget spotted a photo of a possible candidate for what the iPhone 4G will look like. It's probably the biggest make-over that the iPhone has ever gotten throughout the years and it looks pretty good. Later that night, someone figured out that the photo was actually just a Chinese fake, so a bunch of people were pretty upset. Engadget struck back with one of their editors finding proof that this could really be what the iPhone 4G / HD looks like. The proof (above) lies in a photo that has been available for months now and Apple put it right in our face.

If it's true, it could just be an Apple prototype that happened to leak out "accidentally" in a San Jose bar. Let's see what happens because this could turn ugly - in case you thought it hadn't already.

iPhone 4G Photos: Engadget
Possibly a Japanese Fake: The Next Web
iPhone 4G Proof: Engadget


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