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Gizmodo Gets Their Hands On the iPhone 4G / HD, Possibly a Prototype

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While Engadget was busy proving that the iPhone 4G leak over the weekend was real, Gizmodo stepped it up a little bit by actually getting said phone. Honestly, you can just scroll down and check out what they have to say because they wrote a lot about it. They even disassembled the handset, but they were careful. This new iPhone [possibly a prototype] sported a front-facing camera, a better camera on the back (larger lens, possibly 5MP) with a flash, a microSIM slot, a slightly smaller display with a higher resolution (possibly 460 x 960), a secondary mic for noise cancellation, and a 16% larger battery. 

This time around the back is completely flat and it's just 3 grams heavier so it's not a big deal. They've added metallic power, mute, and (split) volume buttons. You can check out all the videos at the link below, be sure to check it out! Could it be the real deal?


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