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T-Mobile's Future Handset Launches Leak Out? HTC HD2, Nokia Nuron (5230), and Motorola CLIQ XT (Zeppelin)

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Could this be for real? Has T-Mobile USA's upcoming handset line-up just leaked out? They clearly don't know how to spell Sony Ericsson and they refer to Motorola as Mot, so those could signal that this is a fake. But anyways, let's move away from the negative.

The HTC HD2, Motorola CLIQ XT, and Nokia Nuron are the highlights on here. The HD2 will supposedly be released on March 24th, similar to what we heard before. The Motorola CLIQ XT will supposedly launch on March 10th and it's looking like the Zeppelin to us. The Nokia Nuron will supposedly launch on March 17th and this one's looking like the Nokia 5230 that should've been released last year.

Other launches include the blue Samsung Gravity 2 on February 24th.

[Engadget, Boy Genius]


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