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Sony Planning To Integrate Facebook Into PS3's In a Firmware Update?

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Today we're hearing that Sony could be planning to integrate Facebook in one of their future firmware updates - it's still a rumour. I guess this is a move that wouldn't really "hurt" anyone, but I know some people won't use the service. I think it's definitely a good addition - and I believe we'll see Twitter integration later as well. Yes, Sony likely did this because the Xbox 360 did it. Although it's just a rumour, I think it's likely true.

Update: The middle photo appears to be a new grid photo layout and the right photo appears to signal off that you'll be able to change the colour of your online gamecard. Don't forget about those important updates as well. If the rumours are true, these will all be included in the next big firmware update - possibly even by the end of this month.


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