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AMD Launching "Nile" CPUs In H1 2010; Briefly Mention "Yukon", "Fusion", and "Bobcat" CPUs Too

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AMD already have their Neo line-up for their netbooks and now we have just got word that they plan on launching a new line-up for thin and light notebooks. This will be called the AMD Nile and it's expected to launch in the first half of 2010.

AMD didn't stop their though. AMD's "Yukon" platform is scheduled for a Q1 2010 release. We're hearing that this will be for ultraportable notebooks - which I thought were "thin and lights" but apparently, there's a difference.

They briefly mentioned their "Fusion" processor which is expected to launch in 2011. This specific processor will have the CPU and the GPU on the same chip. Last, but not least, there's AMD's "Bobcat" CPU line-up which will be for "low-cost, low-power mobile PCs." This one will be launched in 2011 as well.

This will be in direct competition with Intel's ULV platform, of course.



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