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Barnes & Noble Delaying In-Store Availability and Shipments of Their Nook E-Book Reader -- Wait Gets Even Longer...

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Barnes & Noble is having a bit of a hard time bringing the Nook e-book reader to the market, but that's only because there is lots of demand for it - according to them. It was scheduled to be available in stores today, but they've pushed the in-store date until next week, December 7th. If you haven't ordered your Nook yet, then you'll be receiving yours on January 4th if the shipping goes as planned. A slight delay, but you can wait, right?

Update on December 1st: According to Engadget, Barnes & Noble are also facing shipping delays as well. If you pre-ordered your Nook e-book reader shortly after it was announced then you may not get it before Christmas, but we're hoping you will. If you ordered it after the first batch ran out then you're looking at a January 11th ship date right now. Sad, sad day for those owners right now.\

Update on December 4th: At this point we'll be lucky if the Nook e-book reader ever gets shipped. Engadget has just found out that the shipping date has been delayed four more days from January 11th to January 15th! Damn. Be patient, young grasshopper.


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