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World's Lightest Notebook the Sony Vaio X Launching For $1,300, Shipping With Intel Atom 2GHz CPU and THREE Batteries

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The latest leak involves the Sony Vaio X, which will be the world's lightest notebook. They were once bragging for world's thinnest rights, but that has been passed on to the Dell Adamo XPS. Anyways, it looks like the specs and the pricing have been somewhat leaked out.

This notebook is expected to have: an 11.6-inch LED-backlit display, SSD options, a multitouch trackpad, and an Intel Atom Z550 2.0GHz CPU. The standard battery will run for about 3.5 hours, while the larger battery is expected to last 14 hours somehow. This notebook weighs 1.6 pounds, is about 0.5-inches thin, and has some carbon fibre on it.

To crush your soul, it looks like the Sony Vaio X will have a base price of $1,499.99 supposedly Canadian currency.

Update: It looks like Engadget has just gotten word that the Vaio X will be launching for $1,299 USD. With the base price you'll be getting an Intel Atom CPU clocked at 2GHz, integrated GMA500 graphics, an integrated Verizon 3G card, and surprisingly enough the standard and the super long extended battery will be included. What you're getting definitely sweetens the deal, but I still feel that it's overpriced.

Update: Engadget just scooped up a photo of the long-lasting battery for the Vaio X. Take a look at the picture below, it is HUGE.

Update on September 8th: Netbooked just got the scoop on the three batteries of the Vaio X. Take a look at what they said below.

There are THREE batteries. First “S” battery is 655g and rated at 5 hours. Second “L” battery weighs 745g and rated at 10 hours. Last “X” battery is 1045g and rated at 20.5 hours. You can have a good look at the batteries here. Benchmarks (using BBench - visiting a website every minute with key input) reveal the S battery gets 2:57 hours, the L size gets 6:02 hours and the X battery gets 12:56 hours (50% brightness, balanced power mode, Wi-Fi ON).

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