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Rogers Releasing HSPA Rocket Hub On Or Around November 3rd

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Okay, so Rogers has just announced that the Rocket Hub won't be launched this month, like they said a couple of days ago. They did mentioned that they will be launching it "around November 3rd" though, so that's definitely a good sign. Everything else you need to know is below.

2-year contract: $149.99 (there will be no 3-year contract)
No contract: $399.99
$50.00 up to 3GB of data
$60.00 3GB to 5GB
$75.00 5GB to 10GB

Data only (Flex Plan)
$35.00 0 to 3GB
$45.00 3GB to 5GB
$60.00 5GB to 10GB

- Data will also flex on your usage, voice won’t flex as it’s local UL
- You get unlimited voice minutes for local calls
- You can get unlimited Canadian Long Distance for $20.00
- The 
Sim card will be locked to the unit
- International roaming and voice minutes are disabled on these
- The hub needs juice, so it’s a fixed installation. If the power goes out the net/phone does not work.
- There will be a battery pack as an 
accessory coming
- the hub is cellular voice, not VoIP of the next UMA
- the Hub doesn’t require a cable / DSL connection
- the Hub has standard 
network jack so you can hook up non WiFi devices directly to it to have data access
- Device is optimized for 10 devices, but can and will take more as long as the connection and network can take it
- average usages during the test period was 3GB
- this is cellular so if you activate a Toronto CTN and take it to the cottage you can call out and around the cottage local but incoming calls are Long Distance. so you may want to activate a “cottage #”
- it’s a 7.2Meg compliant device

[Mobile Syrup]


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