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Sony Announces 3 New HDTVs and Confirms 3D Bravia By the End of 2010; 3D Blu-Ray on the Way

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At IFA, Sony has just announced three new HDTVs to full your house with. The W5810 and Z5800 HDTVs will have Freesat which will give the user "over 140 free TV and radio channels with 70 hours of free HD TV." The other HDTV is a 19-inch model, which is targeted for bedroom purposes (no pun intended). Sony also went on to mention that they are working on a 3D Bravia LCD HDTV that will be hitting the shelves before 2010 closes out. And yes, you'll be able to view the 3D-ness without the need of those silly glasses. Just like I told you this morning, "Sony will also be putting its 3D efforts in to its other products, such as Blu-ray, VAIO and PlayStation 3, producing everything from 3D movies to 3D games."

Along with this news, the Blu-ray Disc Association is still working on their 3D technology, so that they can implement it into their discs. These discs will be capable of running on older Blu-ray players, but it will be projected in just 2D. Fortunately, they're now working on backwards-compatibility for discs and players. We'll see how this plays out.

Sony Announces 3D TV: Stuff.tv
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