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Creative Announces Zen X-Fi2 3-Inch Touchscreen PMP, Retailing This Month For $129

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In case you're not interested in Creative's Zii EGG PMP or you just don't want to dish out that much money, there's the Zen X-Fi2 PMP from Creative. This PMP was just announced by Creative and it has a 3-inch touchscreen, a microSD card slot, a built-in microphone, an FM radio, an RSS reader, and 8GB / 16GB / 32GB of internal storage. This PMP will be retailing by the end of this month for $129.99 USD, $179.99, and $229.99, respectively, which is pretty cheap. The X-Fi2 is pretty cheap and Engadget said that it showed when they tested it out. It's resistive touchscreen was pretty unresponsive - according to Engadget - but Creative claims that they still need to tweak the firmware a little bit. Check out the video below.

[Engadget, Engadget] (Yes, two different links)


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